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1. Majorsell Ltd. provides warranty for its products as detailed below, within the warranty period of 12 months (6 months for rebuilt items) but no longer than 2 years from the date of dispatch. This warranty does not extend to any incidental, special or consequential damage caused. Claims for damage resulting from improper use of our products will not be accepted.

2. The warranty period shall commence from the date of sale by Majorsell's distributor or importer (evidence of sale should be provided).

3. Complaints should be reported to Majorsell: [email protected].

4. Complaint procedure is as follows:

  • 4.1. Distributor/importer must notify Majorsell about complaint by sending notification within 14 days of discovery of the problem or receiving such information from customer. Notification should include: a) product reference and name, b) serial number (concerns reconditioned compressors, clutch servos and valves only), c) date of sale, d) high quality pictures illustrating the problem and confirming origin of product (Majorsell stamp and serial number - in case of units).
  • 4.2. Majorsell will investigate the complaint within 14 days from the date of receiving complete notification.
  • 4.3. The decision along with Majorsell's assessment of the case and any return information will be sent to distributor/importer. Decision is applied immediately. Returned damaged goods cannot be accepted if the above procedure is not applied.

5. In exceptional cases Majorsell may request return of the product under complaint. In all other cases, the product under complaint should be stored by importer/distributor until Majorsell representative's visit, not longer than 12 months.

6. Complaint procedure concerns only Majorsell's distributors and importers.

7. Warranty is limited to the replacement of the parts/devices bought, or credit for these parts/devices only.

8. The warranty will be made invalid if the goods have not been assembled or stored in the correct way. The warranty cannot be applied to usual wear and tear, to the consequences of wear, nor to damage caused by chemical influences (use of improper or low-quality fluids), nor to any intervention by a third part